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  • Environment
  • Gerflor teams have always considered customers and the environment as their absolute priorities.
    Our floor coverings, wall solutions and finishing components are user friendly, healthy solutions.
    They are designed with respect for our planet to last as long as possible with proposed end-of-life options.


    Our commitments for 2025

    We have determined 5 priority commitments to guide our environmental management up to 2025.

     * Scopes 1 and 2 defined in the GHG protocol
    ** % of business activity with products containing biosourced materials
    *** % of business activity with products designed with adhesive free solution





    Standards and certifications

    Exceeding regulatory requirements

    Gerflor sustainability brochure



    World leader

    Floor covering solutions


    Recycled materials, recycling of end-of-life products, ISO14001


    Specialised responses to the needs of over twenty market segments

    Expert team

    Customer first - your success is our No 1 goal

    Our role in every customer's journey

    Every day we strive to deliver quality and competitiveness at each stage of the customer journey