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Gerflor’s range of interlocking floor tiles are a perfect flooring solution for when minimal disruption is needed and quick installation is required. With their unique design of interlocking edges, they allow for rapid loose lay installation and replacement. This multilayered flooring tile overcomes the difficulty of many irregular sub floors and can be installed with minimal preparation, no adhesive and withstand the toughest of uses.


GTI Max Connect 

GTI MAX Connect is suitable for a wide range of high traffic applications and is a popular choice for industrial, warehouse and fitness environments. Easy to install, the GTI Max collection colour palette is ideal for creating a zoning effect on a gym floor, play area or alternatively a safety area within a warehouse.


Attraction modular tiles offer the ideal flooring solution for heavy foot traffic applications. The interlocking tile design offers extremely easy and fast installation that results in a seamless appearance. With a 1mm wear layer and Protecsol® 2 surface treatment it requires minimal maintenance and is a highly durable flooring solution. 

GTI EL5 Connect

The GTI EL5 Connect range offers all the benefits of a GTI Tile, yet it is enhanced with its Evercare™ treated smooth surface and electro-conductive properties. The ESD flooring option has been specifically developed for use in data centres, laboratories and cleanrooms needing quick renovation solutions.

Saga² Connect

Saga² Connect is a fast track interlocking luxury floor tile. Its resilient reinforced core provides better stability and with the added protecsol varnish making it highly durable. The vinyl loose lay tile overcomes the difficulty of many irregular sub-floors. It also helps to prevent indentations transferring to the surface making it suitable for heavy traffic areas. This includes offices, chain specialists, educational building, boutiques, public areas as well as other administrative areas.


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