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  • Vinyl Rolls
  • Vinyl Rolls - Textile backing - Looselay

The best of Gerflor Fiber Technology : easy-going, easy to lay, let yourself be tempted by a new way of covering your floor in 2019! 

  • Easy Looselay Installation
  • Optimal Comfort 
  • High Resistant 
  • Multi-use: waterproof, adapted to bathroom
  • Eco-friendly: fiber from recycled plastic bottle
  • Easy to lay: without glue and direcly on most subfloor
  • For all room of the house/living area
  • Installation conditions: see the instruction guide
  • Total thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Thickness of wearlayer: 0.3 mm
  • Weight: 1675 gr/m2
  • Acoustic insulation: 15 dB
  • Made in France
  1. Transparent wear layer + Protect varnish
    Resistant to traffic
    Protection against scuff marks and scratches
  2. High resolution design
    Solvent free ink
    Realistic printed design
  3. Fiber glass
    Resistance & Dimensional stability
    During temperature changes
  4. Compact layer
  5. Polyester fibers backing
    95% fibres recyclées (recyclable bouteilles plastique)
    Looselay on irregular subfloors
    Better resistance to indentation
    Acoustic insulation & comfort underfoot
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Results : 10

Design Type
2155 Opera Naturel

Format: Rolls

2164 Nevada Light Grey

Format: Rolls

2166 Lux Natural

Format: Rolls

2167 Lux Blond

Format: Rolls

2168 Boutic Medium

Format: Rolls

2169 Boutic Light Grey
2171 Boutic Naturel

Format: Rolls

2172 Opera Grey

Format: Rolls

2173 Origin Cream

Format: Rolls

2174 Origin Light Grey

Format: Rolls


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Laying instructions - Loftex
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